Power resumes in Venezuela following blackout throughout Friday

Power has resumed after massive blackouts throughout Friday in Venezuela which started on Thursday amid blame game between President Nicolas Maduro and US-backed opposition leader Juan Guaido.

The blackout was caused due to problems at a major hydroelectric plant. Schools and officials were closed on Friday. In hospitals relatives were seen moving patients from the dark to other medical facilities where emergency power generators were functioning.

A 25-year-old patient Marielsi Aray died in Caracas’s University Hospital after her respirator stopped working. She was helped by doctors with manual pumping and everything they could do.

Generators at a children’s hospital in the capital too failed and staff worked overnight using their mobile phones for light.

Maduro accused opposition of sabotage saying it is a new attack by enemies of the fatherland. Guaido meanwhile hit back on the government urging people to demonstrate on Saturday against corrupt and incompetent regime.

Guaido added the massive powercut covering 22 or 23 states was due to under-investment.

However, in recent years blackouts have been common in Venezuela and since the nationalization of power grid in 2007 the situation has gotten worse. 2016 was the worst year when government had to declare a 60-day nationwide state of emergency.

Venezuela is suffering from economic collapse with shortages of medicine and food. In 2018 inflation reached 800,000 percent.

Paul Linus