Dmitry Medvedev Says Not To Force Belarus Integration

Dmitry Medvedev, the present Prime Minister of Russia has said it is too early to discuss about Belarus and we cannot forcefully integrate the country. Even though he considered this movement related to integration is correct there is lot of work left related to this. He also said to intensify the integration process both the countries must agree to develop a new organization and no one must be forced to enter it.

Medvedev also added there must be special agreement that must be signed by both the countries in related to integration. Both Russia and Belarus are using the same currency known as the ruble. Alexander Lukashenko, the Belarus President said now we are using joint currency which is ruble and it belongs to Russia as well as Belarus. During his visit to Luxembourg, Medvedev said we should not worry about the currency of Union State and what it will be called until the union completes its work.