Jimmy Carter Wants To Reach North Korea To Discuss Denuclearization

Jimmy Carter, the former President of America has expressed his will to reach North Korea to discuss about denuclearization. The Democrat of California Ro Khanna said that Carter who is 94 is ready to meet Kim Jong Un on behalf of Donald Trump. The former President has said this because Donald Trump meeting with the North Korean President failed without any deal. Ro Khanna met Jimmy Carter in Atlanta where he expressed his will to support Trump.

According to Ro Khanna both Carter and himself have started to work together to bring an end to the deadlock between U.S and North Korea. Jimmy Carter has previous experience of being a negotiator for the grandfather of Kim Jong Un in 1990s. Even though the former president does not travel any more, he is ready to reach North Korea to support Trump administration. There were no direct information from Carter related to this and even White House did not clarify this matter.