BREAKING: Biggest electrical blackout in Venezuela; Government blames sabotage

The sufferings are now visible. Much of the Venezuela was into darkness Thursday evening. It led to people struggling getting their home back and chaos was seen on the streets. It was one of the biggest blackouts even though lately power failures have become common.

The subway service stopped in Caracas and commutes were seen taking the sidewalks. Cars jammed the streets with no stoplights working.

According to state-owned electricity operator Corpoelec the power outage was due to attack on the Guri Dam.

Addressing on state television Venezuelan minister of electrical power Maj. Gen. Luis Motta said, “We’ve been targeted again in the power war.”

Guri Dam is one of the largest hydroelectric stations in the world and is cornerstone of the country’s electrical grid.

Information Minister Jorge Rodriguez said it is the work of right-wing extremists and he called it a criminal act for leafving Venezuelans without power for several days.

However, no official indicated how much of the country lost power. Local media said almost the whole of Venezuela was blacked out.

The country is currently in the throes of political struggle between president Nicolas Maduro and opposition leader Juan Guaido.

In recent years the policies of Maduro has been blamed for the country’s hyperinflation situation that has led to shortages of medicine and food.

Paul Linus