Barham Salih Says Iraq Cannot Be Used As Military Base

Barham Salih, the President of Iraq said foreign governments cannot use their country as a military base to attack the neighboring countries. Iraq has been often used as place to tackle neighboring countries threats, but we must be used only as a mediator to bring peace to the troubled region, he added. The country has been in good relation with US and Iran, but politically it has been balancing with the two nations.

Salih also said Iraq doesn’t want to enter into any conflicts and no one can put more pressure on us politically as it is unacceptable. Baghdad government had requested the U.S to send military troops to Iraq to fight against ISIS. But there were comments from Donald Trump earlier that was expected to bring Iraq into conflict with its neighboring country Iran. Salih also warned the U.S president not to bring Iraq in between their conflicts and must focus on eliminating the ISIS.