Chuka Umunna Says Independent Group Will Become Political Party

Chuka Umunna, the ex-labour MP and the present spokesman of the Independent Group has said that they will be forming a political party to become the alternative choice of the people. The group is in discussion with Electoral Commission to change Independent Group into a political party, he added. The Independent Group features 8 MPs who left the Labour party to join former Tories and by forming the party they can easily contest in the next elections.

Umunna also said we are getting good response from the people through our website and also met the Electoral Commission to move ahead. At present we are not a political party even though people are expecting us to become one, he said. Chuka Umunna approached the Electoral Commission with Gavin Shuker, Chris Leslie, Ann Coffey and former Tory Heidi Allen. The MPs left the party last month to form the Independent Group as they were not pleased with the way Brexit is handled.