Sen. Martha McSally reveals been raped while being Air Force fighter pilot

Senator Martha McSally revealed was raped by a senior officer when she was a Air Force fighter pilot.

The 52-year-old is the first female Air Force fighter pilot and had spent 26 years in the Air Force. She commanded a fighter squadron. She served the Air Force until 2010 and retired with colonel rank. She joined in 1988.

During a Senate subcommittee hearing on sexual assault in the military McSally added she felt like the system was raping her all over again when she tried talking about the incidence to officials.

She continued, “I am also a military sexual assault survivor but unlike so many brave survivors I didn’t report being sexually assaulted.”

McSally said she kept quiet about the sexual assault for years, but later she felt to let people know after the military was grappled with scandals.

Without naming any names and disclosing whether the sexual assaults occurred when she was at the academy or during her active duty, McSally said she was horrified how her experiences would be handled after people come to know about it.

In 2017 such reports of assaults across the military rose about 10 percent. The reporting details for 2018 are still awaited.

An Air Force spokeswoman said the Air Force is sorry.

Carrie Volpe extended support to stand with McSally and other survivors of sexual assault.

Usually sexual assaults are under reported in military.

Paul Linus