Quality of Air Improved in Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu After Sterlite Copper Plant Shutdown

Tamil Nadu Pollution control board on Sunday has made a claim to a panel constituted by the National Green Tribunal that quality of Air improved in and around the vicinity of Sterlite copper plant in Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu. The pollution control board also submitted proofs for their claim.

According to the claim, the level of sulfur dioxide in the air during September 2017 while the Vedanta’s Sterlite plant was still in function was 20.0 microgram per cubic meter, and nitrogen dioxide level was 15.0 microgram per cubic meter. However, Recent tests of the air sample taken during October 12, and 13 showed levels of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide to be 5 microgram per cubic meter and 7 microgram per cubic meter respectively. Which is significantly lesser than what it used to be when the plant was in operation.

However, Sterlite council defended back to the panel saying they were not informed or called up during the process of collecting air samples. Further, they added that these tests are performed at a private laboratory and not at a government facility.

TNPCB has permanently sealed the plant on May 28, 2018, following a huge protest from the locals of Tuticorin who claimed; the wastes released from the plant had adversely affected their health.