February was busiest for southern border with 76,000 migrants flow

Its a major humanitarian crisis. In February more than 76,000 migrants, including 36,000 families, crossed the southwestern border without authorization. The number is twice compared to same month a year ago and it reflects failure of harsher regulations as well as detention policies of the government such as incarcerating migrant children and separating families.

Arrests was at peak too on the southern border. It surged 97 percent in past one year and presently 50,000 adults are in custody of immigration authorities.

Director of Annunciation House Ruben Garcia said, “We had never seen these kinds of numbers… We just don’t have the space.”

The group called churches in the Texan city El Paso to help by providing temporary accommodation.

US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) said Tuesday this February was the busiest month in past 12 years.

CBP commissioner Kevin McAleenan said large groups of Central American migrants headed towards the United States in 2019 fiscal year.

McAleenan added migrants from Guatemala are traveling through Mexico at faster rates because of good bus services.

He further said such large migration flows are now fueling humanitarian crisis and border security at the US-Mexico border.

Paul Linus