Jane Philpott from Trudeau’s cabinet steps down

Jane Philpott, second member of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, stepped down Monday saying she is unable to defend the government and henceforth it is untenable to continue in the cabinet.

The Treasury Board president was overall in charge of government spending. Earlier she was minister of health and minister of indigenous services. She was considered a star minister.

Canada is just months away from the polls and ahead of it the government is shaken with scandal.

Former Attorney General and Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould said lately that senior members of the government as well as the PM tried putting pressure on Philpott to avoid prosecution of a major engineering company in the country in relation to a case that involves allegations of corruption in Libya.

The scandal has rocked Canadian government. Last month Wilson-Raybould and Gerald Butts stepped down too.

Philpott said, “I have been considering the events that have shaken the federal government in recent weeks and after serious reflection, I have concluded that I must resign as a member of Cabinet.”

The physician added that she wants to abide by her own core values, constitutional obligations and ethical responsibilities.

Meanwhile, Trudeau said he is disappointed with Philpott’s resignation.

Opposition Conservative Party leader Andrew Scheer said stepping down of Philpott demonstrates the government is in total chaos and so Trudeau should also step down.

Paul Linus