Survey Shows Support To Third Political Party

A recent survey conducted by NBC/WSJ a majority of Americans are willing to support a third party to deal with the current political system of the country. The survey showed that 40 percent of people like to have a third party and 47 percent want improvement even without a popular candidate. The current two-party system is considered to be completely broken down and only a third party can solve this which also includes 31 percent Republicans and 37 percent Democrats.

Howard Schultz, the ex-CEO of Starbucks has said that he is expecting to run for the presidential election as the third-party contender. According to Schultz, the current major parties are performing as per the American’s interest as they are always into reprisal. But Schultz will not be entertained if he has a plan to open a third party to take control over from Republican and Democratic members. Another survey about Schultz contesting the presidential election showed least number of people supporting him.