Huawei CFO Meng sues Canada over her detention last December

Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou claims her civil rights were violated after being arrested at Vancouver International Airport in Canada last December. She filed a lawsuit Friday against the Canadian government, the border officials and the country’s police.

Meng added she was told the reason of her arrest three hours after a Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer and border officials searched and questioned her pretending the incidence to be a routine border check.

In her suit Meng mentioned the officers intentionally didn’t advise her the detention reasons, right to silence and right to counsel.

Meng alleges she was not given proper access to a lawyer too.

Canadian officials arrested Meng on behalf of the US government when she was transferring flights. For several days she was in custody before bail was granted.

US is seeking extradition of the Huawei executive for allegedly trying to skirt sanctions on Iran by misleading banks.

She is now due in court on Wednesday and a start date of her extradition proceedings is to be set.

Following the arrest China urged Canada several times for her release. Lately Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang accused both Canada and US of abusing bilateral extradition treaty.

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