Venezuelan opposition leader may face arrest for violating travel ban

Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido may face detention after returning home from his tour of Latin American countries where he looked for support for his campaign and oust the president.

Guaido has been on a travel ban imposed by Venezuelan Supreme Court and so his Latin America tour stands unlawful.

His returning has been kept as secret and arrest may spark further violence in the country conveying messages that President Nicolas Maduro is becoming tough on political foes.

His arrest may also prompt United States to impose more sanctions on the country as Guaido is being recognized by most of the Western countries as legitimate leader of Venezuela.

Guaido will be leading protests on Monday and Tuesday after returning home. It is an unusual time for demonstrations as the period is of Carnival holidays.

Without disclosing his location the opposition leader said in a Twitter broadcast, “If the regime dares, of course, to kidnap us, it will be the last mistake they make.”

Guaido left the country for Colombia secretly before February 23 to coordinate efforts of sending US humanitarian aid into Venezuela. Troops blocked the aid trucks resulting with clashes and death of six people.

He thereafter traveled to Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador and Paraguay.

Meanwhile, Maduro said the arrest depends on Venezuelan justice system.

Paul Linus