Citizenship for Immigrants in the U.S. – Longer than Usual

What once used to be a process that only took about 3 months is now taking about a year or two. Immigrants in the U.S. are desperately waiting to complete their paperwork to become legal citizens of the United States. The entire situation has become backlogged since Trump has been president, causing there to be 700,000 immigrants pending in their status to become a citizen.

The delay is believed to have occurred because of Trump’s main goal to lower the rate of immigrants from coming into the U.S. since he is against immigration. The government was doing a great job of keeping up with and processing the applications, but as time passed, the demands of completing paperwork for the immigrants to become citizens has started to drag drastically. The amount of wait time does tend to vary slightly depending on the state that a person resides in.

At the moment Trump has been focused on the caravan of Mexican migrants who have continued their trek through Mexico to America. He has urged the caravan of people to apply for citizenship in their homeland instead of trying to come into the United States illegally. Although over time the caravan has dwindled down to fewer people, there is still a large number of people who are continuing their journey.