An Increase in Young Adult Voters this year

It has been predicted that many Americans that are younger than 30 years of age will have a strong influence on voting this year. This is mainly due to the number of young Democrats who have a disliking for President Trump. The Democratic Party has a strong urge and will-power to be in control of the decisions of Congress. With that being said, we can expect to see that there will be an increase in the democratic votes.

The discovery of an increase in votes from younger adults comes from a survey that was conducted by the at Harvard University’s School of Government. The closer we get to Election Day, the more passion young adults seem to have for voting.

With the poll that was recently taken, it is expected that many young Americans desire intervention from the government for the long-term expectations and goals that they have for keeping circumstances like mass shootings that we have had this past year under control.

While it is good that the young adults of America have the drive to vote more than they have ever had in past years, it may not be such a good thing that their drive has come from the trauma that they may have experienced.