Opposition Parties Warn BJP Not To Politicize Air Strike

As the tensions rise between India and Pakistan, the opposition parties have come to express their concerns by telling BJP not to politicize this issue after air strike on Jaish-e-Mohammad camp. The opposition party meeting was organized to discuss about pre-poll alliance and other programme which in turn became a discussion about current situation in the border. About 21 party members were present at the meeting in Parliament Library and also condemned the Prime Minister Narendara Modi for not organizing all-party meeting.

The opposition parties have issued a joint statement saying not to use the soldiers sacrifice for politics. But the BJP leaders have denied this and want the opposition to think before saying. There were also questions raised about why the government didn’t act before in such a manner as it did now which could have saved 40 CRPF men killed in Pulwama. Other opposition leaders also expressed their concerns and said we have to stay together at this time without politicizing it.