Venezuela lesson to Trump – Manipulating politics of another country rarely works

Just one US aid truck managed to get into the border of Venezuela on Saturday and the rest remained stuck outside, which was not thought by President Trump to happen even though military abandoned their posts on the border and joined the opposition.

The Venezuelan military held its ground strongly and enforced the blockade of aid. The stand-off led to four dead and about hundreds other injured.

So, what’s the lesson for Trump now? US intervention sounds easy but it is rarely easy.

Meanwhile, US Vice President Mike Pence called for new sanctions freezing US assets of Venezuelan officials loyal to Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.

He has also called the international community to support for regime change.

European Union has warned US against military intervention in Venezuela. Brazil has confirmed no attack on the country would be launched from its soil and urged the pressure of change should be nonmilitary.

These statements from international community presents an added challenge for White House as intervention without backing of allies would be not easy and Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido may be alleged to be a puppet of US.

Saturday’s retaliation and violence led to increased tensions and it is clear that manipulating politics of another country has rarely worked.

Paul Linus