President Macron Regains His Popularity

A recent survey that was published recently shows an increase in the popularity of Emmanuel Macron. The people of the country are also looking forward to put an end to Yellow Jacket protests. According to the survey, about 55 percent of the people want Yellow Jacket which is known for anti-government movement to end their protests. This is the first time that the support for the protest has gone down when compared to the earlier polls.

The people also looking forward for the Parliament election that is due in May and mainly the wealthy people in the country dislike Yellow Jacket protests on the streets. As the decrease in popularity of Yellow Jacket movement, the President is likely to get the upper hand in the upcoming election. President Macron has already gained his popularity as most of the people think that he is really good. The survey was conducted by Odoxa which is a research institute lead by Gael Sliman.