Macky Sall Is Expected To Win Presidential Election

The people of Senegal voted during the first round of presidential election on Sunday and there are huge expectations that Macky Sall will win. The current president has seen a huge growth of popularity in the country due to many infrastructure projects. When compared to his competitors, Sall has got the upper hand in the election mainly due to various development projects such as new international airport, train lines and highways.

According to a poll that was conducted few months back reported 45 percent of vote for Sall which is an easy lead when compared to the opposition. Even though the opinion polls are not allowed in the country during election campaign, this survey results were revealed. The most important advantage for the current president is two of his major opponents are not taking part in the elections. The two opponents are Dakar Khalifa Sall and Karim Wade who have been imprisoned due to corruption charges.