Angela Merkel May Not Campaign For State Elections

Angela Merkel is one among the most popular person in the country and she is also been the Chancellor from 2005. The state elections in Germany are expected to happen during this year and the people are not happy with her. There are huge banners reading Merkel Must Go hanging near a warehouse in Jena city. The warehouse is owned by Paul Guloglou who says that the chancellor has left wrong people to enter into Germany so she must go.

Whenever Angela Merkel enters the eastern part of Germany there are slogans of disapproval and whistling to insult the chancellor. There are still doubts whether Merkel will be campaigning for her party says deputy floor Chief Michael Heym. The Alternative for Germany party received higher number of votes when compared to CDU in the last general election which is mainly due to Angela Merkel appearance. There are also anti-Merkel protests that happened in some part of the country.