New Mexico governor justifies why troops were pulled from border

New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham (D) said Sunday there was no real emergency or a crisis on the southern border and this is the reason she withdrew National Guard troops that were deployed on her state’s border with Mexico on February 5.

Earlier, the Trump administration ordered the troops to provide extra security at the border.

There were 118 New Mexico National Guard troops on the border. Most of them have been pulled while few remained stationed to provide humanitarian aid.

Grisham said on CBS’s Face the Nation, “I was on the border, and I’m looking and assessing whether or not there’s a real emergency or a crisis, and there isn’t.”

She added that the troops will be made available for the border security when there is a serious issue on emergency.

A total of sixteen states filed lawsuit opposing the president’s national emergency declaration to get funding for the construction of a wall on US-Mexico border. New Mexico is one of those states.

Grisham further added that she placed some National Guard, health responders and law enforcement to the realy desolate area in the southern part of New Mexico.

Paul Linus