Shifting Military Base May Affect Shinzo Abe Government


A referendum related to shifting U.S. military base has been rejected by the people of Okinawa, island in southern part of Japan. But the government has already started its work to setup a replacement for the military base which is considered to give a blow to Shinzo Abe’s administration. The voting was done on Sunday where about 70 percent voters were against the referendum. The shifting is also expected to put a great impact on the government and the next election results.

This referendum was first signed between the government U.S and Japan in 1996, but it was put on hold for so many years until now. If this plan succeeds then Futenma base will be shifted from Ginowan which is known to have more population than Henoko where the base will be moved. The local people also tried to insist the government to hold the plan and rethink about shifting, but the government still wants the relocation.