Family members of Venezuelan military in Miami could be deported

Trump administration has taken a different route of threat to Venezuelan military officials to force allow US aid enter the country from Colombia border. Family members of the officers living in Miami area could be deported.

It is learned the administration has collected data of Venezuelan military leaders whose family members have fled to Miami, the Caribbean and across the hemisphere.

A senior administration official said the family members are living luxury lives after fleeing Venezuela while their countrymen are suffering in the country.

The official added, “We will no longer tolerate that double standard… They face a situation where they and their families will have to go back to Venezuela.”

Names of the military officers whose family members are living luxury lives in the US were not disclosed. It is also not revealed how many of them would be affected.

Trump administration is also in talk with its allies to block families of Venezuela military living in their countries.

Meanwhile, to put additional pressure on military to allow US aid into the country the Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido has called his followers to surround military bases on Saturday.

A confrontation between military and civilians resulted with death of two people on Friday on the border with Brazil.

Paul Linus