Heidi Allen And Others Join The Independent Group

Heidi Allen from the Conservative party had said that she will be quitting and joining The Independent Group that also includes Sarah Wollaston and Anna Soubry. Now she has also announced that more than 100 members from Tory benches are willing to do the same with Conservative party. Two MPs from Labour and Conservative party also walked out to be featured in the new independent group which is expected to affect the political environment.

David Cameron also gave a try to stop all the three MPs from leaving Tory which failed. Anna Soubry also said the former prime minister tried to reach them as they started to quit the Tory. She also blamed Theresa May that she has her own reason for the immigration. Some of the other members who ready to leave Conservative party include Dominic Grieve if the no-deal Brexit is supported by the government and there are few MPs who are still waiting.