UK warned against allowing Huawei from setting up 5G network in the country

Security experts in the UK seem to be divided on whether they should allow Chinese telecom major Huawei to set up ultra-fast 5G network in the country. While cyber security experts in the country have exuded confidence in their ability to deal with any risk that such a venture might pose in future, the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI), a respected security research group have cautioned against any such move.

RUSI said any cost or technological advantages that Huawei might allow for will be far outweighed by the security risk it comes with. With its devices manning the country’s telecommunication channel, Huawei may get access to vital communication that could be detrimental to the prospects of not only the UK but others in its group as well. Britain along with Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the US form the intelligence alliance known as Five Eyes.

The US is also keen to see Huawei getting blacklisted in the UK, stating any move to providing leeway to the Chinese firm will translate to getting less of US favors. Australia and Huawei have already banned Huawei devices from being installed in its telecom infrastructure.

Of particular concern is the Chinese law that makes it extremely clear that any data that passes through its equipment or technology is liable to be accessed by the Chinese security department. Huawei also has to comply with the law even though it ruled out getting into any sort of spying activities with any of its devices installed in any capacity anywhere in the world.

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