Putin warns of nuclear missile retaliation in response to any US move to deploy missiles in Europe

Russian President Vladimir Putin has put it as bluntly as he can; if the US deploys any missile in Europe targeting strategic location in Russia, it will straight go for the kill. That means it just isn’t the host countries that would be facing the ire of the Russian forces, but hyper-sonic missiles will also be targeted at the key decision making centers in the US as well.

Needless to say, there is going to be at least a missile hurtling down at the Pentagon, if not the White House. Putin also made it clear it will never be the first to begin the attack but will react aggressively if the US goes for deploying any missiles in Europe targeting Russia.

Putin also criticized what he described as destructive US policies that have justifies the sanction imposed on Russia. The President also harped on the other weapon system that he had announced last year and are still in the trial phase though feedback so far from them has been overtly positive.

Those included the new Burevestnik cruise missile that is believed to have an almost unlimited range. Much of that has to do with its nuclear propulsion while the missile too is nuclear armed. Then there also is the Poseidon weapon system which happens to be an underwater drone and is also nuclear powered.

Putin was interacting with lawmakers in Moscow when he issued the warning for the US.

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