North Korea facing food shortages? Memo claims to UN

A senior North Korean official reveals the country is facing major food shortages and the reasons are sanctions and unfavorable weather.

According to a memo written by Kim Song it is learned North Korea is cutting food rations for the people and urgent request of help has been raised to United Nations.

For blue or white collar workers the food cut in January was from 550 grams to 300 grams.

However, the claims are almost impossible to verify as North Korean government has not been a reliable source of internal statistics. An assessment conducted in conjunction of UN’s World Food Program in 2018 found less production of food by 503,000 tons compared to 2017. The heavy rainfall, record high temperatures and drought are the primary factors blamed.

The memo adds such sanctions that restricted farming materials delivery is one another important reasons for the food shortage.

The memo read, “All in all, it vindicates that humanitarian assistance from the UN agencies is terribly politicized and how barbaric and inhuman sanctions are…”

The government earlier planned to import more food and harvest early this year, but the move may just increase 10 grams of rations for each individual in July.

Meanwhile, experts believe the food shortage claims could be a negotiating tactic of the country ahead of summit with US President Trump in Vietnam later this month.

Paul Linus