Tzipi Livni To End Her Political Career

Tzipi Livni, the ex-foreign minister of Israel has decided to quit politics ahead of the upcoming elections in April this year. She also said while addressing the journalists that her party will not be part of April elections. Livni is known for her role as a negotiator with Palestinians and almost became the prime minister of Israel in 2009. She was trying to start the campaigning process for the April 9 elections without entering Zionist Union and also failed to form the alliance.

Livni played an important part in bringing Zionist Union and main opposition party together to form an alliance. The leader of Labour party also told that they will not be combining with Livni. The opinion polls about Zionist Union were also not positive even though the party had won in more places in previous general elections. Livni quitting politics and other parties not performing well in the opinion polls, it will be Benjamin Netanyahu who is expected to take the lead in the next elections.