Midterm Voting USA 2018, Where Are People Leaning?

Votes for the Midterms

With Midterm Elections fast approaching this November 6 2018, many American citizens are researching their party’s candidates. There are many whom are voting for the first time. There have been a record-breaking number of new registered voters who are supposed to be hitting the poles in 2 weeks to cast there first ever votes in an open election. What do these new voters mean for the outcome of the election?

Many of the new voters are millennial’s whose opinions differ quite greatly from the older generations in America. Does this mean that those who are elected will have more modern views? Perhaps, however there are many long time voters who have very traditional views and will continue to vote for those who share their same moral values. The poles should show a mix of votes like it has never seen before. It will be a close election between the candidates with traditional views verses those who share moral standards with the millennial generation. The real question is what set of moral standards will win this election? Will the vote for a more traditional America continue or will a rise in more modern moral standards be the new norm? Time will tell, but the current view shows that it a close election that will surely shape a new standard for politics in America.


Are the incumbants strong enough this time?

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