Trump warns Venezuelan army of risking future if aid not allowed in the country

President Trump warned Monday members of Venezuelan military who are loyal to President Nicolas Maduro and urged to allow humanitarian aid into the country.

Speaking to a crowd in Miami he said the members would be risking their future and lives as well if remain loyal to the socialist Venezuelan president.

He added, “You will find no safe harbor, no easy exit and no way out. You’ll lose everything.”

Retaliating Trump’s speech to the crowd of mostly Venezuelan and Cuban immigrants Maduro said he spoke in a nazi-style and action as if he owns Venezuela and all the Venezuelan are his slaves.

Maduro was recently inaugurated for his second term following an election that is widely being denounced as a sham by critics. Russia, China and Turkey are backing him.

United States and several Venezuela’s neighbors are backing opposition leader Juan Guaido, who self-declared himself as legitimate president of the country.

Trump cautioned members of Venezuelan army not to harm the opposition politicians including Guaido and demanded the entry of food, medicine and other supplies in the country as humanitarian aid.

Tons of US aid has been stockpiled on Colombia’s border with Venezuela and Maduro has refused to allow it calling it to be US-orchestrated show.

Maduro denied any crisis in the country and any scarcity of food and medicine.

He said, “We will not make of the honorable Venezuela a Venezuela of beggars… We will not accept it.”

Paul Linus