A Divided America, It Is Not A Harsh Reality!

A Divided America

One of the many topics that are being discussed in homes across the country is the fact that the Republican Party is dominating the American House of Representatives. The party holds its values strong in traditional Christian values, and other traditional values. The party is said by many who oppose it to be lost in the old ages and stuck in the past on many controversial topics. There are however the Republican supporters who believe that something’s need not be changed and should remain the same. Where does this leave us?

Is America really a nation divided or is it simply a nation with controversial topics and equal sides who have a pageant with one another? There is a balance in life that always needs to be met; Democrats and Republicans, and third parties are supposed to provide stabilization to the system. There cannot be a yin without a yang, just as there can be no democracy in the Republic of the United States without sharing opposing ideals. We need all parties’ views in order to have all sides and possibilities taken in to consideration when it comes to the leading of this Country. This is why there are three separate branches of the United States Government. It is to aid in the dispersion of power and give power to the people.