The March to North American Southern Border – Chaos!

The March to America

A crowd of 4,000 migrants from all over South America has been marching towards the United States border for weeks seeking refuge from their war torn country. In an act of both seeking help as well as in retaliation to the “Trump Wall” at the Mexican border, these migrants are fast approaching their destination. As the crowds approached the Mexican border many faded out and applied for asylum in Mexico. The crowds have slowly dissipated but are now only 1,000 miles away from the border. One has to ask the questions of what will happen to them as the get closer to the border? Will many of them apply for asylum in the US or simply try to skip the border? Will any of them get Asylum?

President Trump has already responded saying that he “will deploy the United states Military, the Military, not the Guard”. President Trump’s cabinet has released statements stating that the crowd’s acts are an act of retaliation and one that could harm American citizens. Will these crowds of asylum seekers simply go home or will they stay at the border and fight to legally or illegally enter the United States of America? These are the questions that plague the minds of U.S. citizens near the Mexican border and who should preparer for what ever is to come.

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