Protests paused in Haiti for a day to gather food, water, fuel

Violent protests against Haitian President Jovenel Moise on Saturday in capital Port-au-Prince saw a day of gathering food, water and fuel with a pause to deadly demonstrations.

Haiti is lately trapped under severe inflation and the Moise administration has been accused of corruption.

In one of the business districts in the capital city shoppers were seen scrambling for food and water. Civilians grabbed jugs of water supplied from municipal trucks.

However, food has become too expensive in Haiti and people are finding difficult to buy.

Last year the government imposed fuel hike and it was followed by several protests. As an aftermath Prime Minister Jack Guy Lafontant stepped down and was replaced by Jean-Henry Ceant.

In recent clashes several people have lost their lives and a resident Emmanuela Douyon said conflicts in the country are like vicious circle and it needs to stop.

She added, “Traditionally, people like me do not do things like this… We just have a job and keep living our life. Complain on social media. But this is the first time that people who have a job, people who don’t suffer from poverty, are on the street and saying, ‘It’s enough!'”

Earlier this week United States issued an warning of “do not travel” to Haiti citing crime and civil unrest. All the non-emergency US personnel have also been asked to leave Haiti.

Paul Linus