US to deliver 200 tons of humanitarian aid to Venezuela

Saturday will see a political theatre on Venezuelan border with Colombia with the arrival of over 200 tons of humanitarian aid by the Trump administration.

President Nicolas Maduro has objected the aid to get into the border of Venezuela saying the government has all the power to decide what is to be imported.

Opposition leader Juan Guaido meanwhile has vowed to deliver the US aid into the country. Last month he self-declared himself as legitimate president of the country and is backed by US and several other countries.

Maduro was sworn in for a second term in January and alleges US trying to staging coup in Venezuela.

Meanwhile, it is learned from a senior administration official that Washington is willing to meet Maduro and negotiate with him to step down and pave way for Gauido to take the chair of presidency.

Earlier, US Treasury Department announced sanctions against all those individuals who are in charge of Maduro’s security and intelligence apparatus.

It is learned US military aircraft will help ferry humanitarian aid over neighboring countries with hopes to deliver the aid to the Guaido administration.

Even though the Trump administration has not ruled out military intervention to end Venezuelan crisis, but officials said the military will now only be transporting the aid.

Paul Linus