I Will Not Apologize Says Moon Hee-sang

Moon Hee-sang, the parliamentary speaker from South Korea had said that he is will not apologize for what he said about Emperor. He asked the Emperor to come and apologize to make the women work at military brothels during colonial-era. Moon had said this during an interview and Shinzo Abe, the Japanese prime minister also condemned this saying it was not appropriate to use such words. There is no point in making this comment such an issue and wanted an apology from the Emperor, he added.

The foreign ministry of Japan did not respond to this report, but they did mention that his comments were inappropriate which is really unfortunate. According to historians most of the women were used as sex slaves from Asia during the World War II for Japanese soldiers. Moon Hee-sang described Emperor Akihito as the son of main offender for war crimes. Moon was speaking about Emperor Hirohito who is Akihito’s father.