Boris Gryzlov Condemns Ukraine On Minsk Agreements

According to Russian envoy, Ukraine has been looking to upset Minsk agreements. Boris Gryzlov said Minsk agreements did get support from Normandy Four leaders which was passed by United Nations Security Council. It is also an highest-level international agreement which was signed by Ukraine and other regions. Only this agreement can help to solve the Ukrainian crisis and some of the member are trying to rewrite or even change it completely which is not unacceptable, he added.

Boris Gryzlov also said Ukraine has been going against the in the Minsk agreement in the last four years and also trying to dispose it. The military forces from Ukraine has been disrupting in the areas that has been covered under the Minsk agreements and they are also damaging residential areas violating ceasefire. The authorities from Kiev and Donbass have been discussing to stop the violation, but it has not come into any use instead has increased the problem.