Parkland school massacre one year later; Gun control still awaited

Gun violence can be prevented, but it is important to get grips of the problem. Same day, February 14, a year ago 17 people were killed by a gunman in Marjory Stoneman Dougles High School in Parkland, Florida. A wave of activism marched in Washington, DC and similar was seen during 2018 midterm elections too.

However, looking back from the first anniversary of the incident it can be said the Congress took no significant step to address the gun violence.

More to this, in past 365 days there have been about 350 mass shootings, almost one per day.

But what needs to be done to stop this is a big question still today.

in past 365 days there have been about 350 mass shootings

See the pattern. Demands for action takes place. Something gets introduced in Congress and it is obvious the debate goes forth and back. After about a week or two people move on and thereafter another mass shooting takes places. The cycle begins again and there is no solution to the problem yet. Nothing changes.

Following Parkland shooting President Trump mentioned guns vaguely and never brought up gun control. He said to be working with state and local leaders. He ignored to find what the real problem was.

A report reveals the gun homicide rate in US is about six times than that of Canada, seven times than Sweden and about sixteen times than Germany.

Paul Linus