Juan Guaidó said foreign aid will reach Venezuela on Feb. 23

Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó has vowed to bring in aid to the country to help the millions of citizens who need food and proper health care facilities right away to survive. Towards that, Mr Guaidó has said he aims to open new collection centers and entry points to allow foreign humanitarian aid to enter the country.

Current President Nicolás Maduro has remained defiant so far and has blocked key entry points to prevent aid from entering the country. Mr Maduro said allowing US aid would entail allowing the country to meddle with Venezuela’s internal affairs, something that he simply can’t allow to happen till he is the President.

Mr Maduro enjoys widespread support in different part of the country as well as that of the armed forces. Emboldened by the support, Maduro also got the military to block off Tienditas bridge at the Colombian border city of Cúcuta.

Mr Guaidó however said he has been in touch with Brazilian authorities and plans to set up an aid storage hub in Roraima in south-east Venezuela. He has also roped in volunteers to get the job done, with about 250,000 people already having signed up an online form in his support to get the job done.

Mr Guaidó further added he hopes humanitarian aid to enter the country on Feb. 23 while speaking at a rally in capital Caracas. Mr Guaidó has already been recognised by the US and most other western countries as the interim President of Venezuela. Maduro, meanwhile, is being backed by Russia and China.


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