Vicente Fox, Mexico’s 55th President

Vicente Fox is a politician from Mexico and he was also the President of the country from 2000-2006. During the 2000 presidential election, he was part of National Action Party and this is the first time a candidate from the opposition party was elected as the President after 71 years. At present, he is also the Co-President of Centrist Democrat International and also part of Board of Directors at High Times magazine.

During his presidential term, Vicente Fox economic policies were based on former PRI which was mostly followed during 1980s. The first half as the president saw many changes, but the second half was criticized due to his clash with AMLO, the current president of Mexico. He was also praised for supporting economic growth and declining poverty rate as 55th President for Mexico. After quitting the party in 2013, he supported PRI candidate during presidential race and currently lives in Guanajuato mainly contributes to public speaking.