Sen. Kamala Harris takes U-turn on weeds, says she is supporting legalizing the drug to spread joy

Sen. Kamala Harris has said she is in favor of legalizing weeds, a move that might set her apart from other presidential hopefuls for the next polls. Speaking at the New York City radio show ‘The Breakfast Club’, Harris justified her stand claiming weeds give a lot of joy.

‘I think it gives a lot of people joy, We need more joy in the world,’ Harris said during the show.

Harris also confessed to having smoked a joint though that was when she was in college. She also didn’t miss out on ridiculing fellow Democrat and ex-President Bill Clinton saying she had inhaled too. That was in obvious reference to an earlier comment made by Bill Clinton wherein he had said he did try cannabis once but stopped short of inhaling the stuff.

Interestingly, Harris wasn’t so supportive of weeds all through. In fact, the democrat senator had even red flagged proposition 19 in 2010 when she was the district attorney of San Francisco, a move that prevented California from becoming the first state to have legalized marijuana.

Harris had also opposed another bill that proposed recreational use of the drug in 2015. Strange enough, the senator is now supporting a bill proposed by Cory Booker that seeks to decriminalize cannabis. Cory Booker is another Presidential candidate for 2020.

Harris also voiced concern for African-Americans who she said are made easy targets by the cops for possessing and consuming weeds compared to the whites. Harris had made the comment while supporting legalization of cannabis in an earlier online video.

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