Priyanka Gandhi Begins Massive Rally In Lucknow

Priyanka Gandhi begins her political journey with a massive rally in Lucknow. This is her first act after being appointed as the general secretary of Congress in Uttar Pradesh. She was also accompanied by her brother Rahul Gandhi, the congress president. There are reports that suggest Priyanka Gandhi will be able to add more energy into Congress campaign during the general elections that will be held in few months time. The people of Lucknow welcomed both Rahul and Priyanka Gandhi by coming out on the streets.

The congress party had failed miserably during the previous general elections against BJP, but they are looking to make it big with the help of Priyanka Gandhi. She is also been compared to her grandmother Indira Gandhi, former Prime Minister of India. Even though Priyanka Gandhi has been campaigning for Rahul this is the first time she has come out officially to support the party, but still there is a long way for her to go.