China suggests peaceful dialogue for Venezuelan political crisis

China has stepped in, though just to some extent, into Venezuela’s political crisis suggesting for peaceful dialogue.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said Saturday in a statement the only way toward enduring peace is to have peaceful dialogue.

China is a good ally of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and the country has lent him billions to help shore up his embattled regime.

The ministry added that all the affairs of Venezuela should be resolved by their citizens under constitutional framework and maintaining the country’s laws.

Hua added peaceful dialogue is the only way to bring peace in Venezuela.

Meanwhile, Maduro has barricaded borders at the Colombian front to block US aid convoy arrived in the Colombian city of Cucuta.

It is reported the Tienditas bridge has been blocked to bar trucks from entering the country.

US official said, “The United States is prepositioning relief items — including food, nutritional supplements, hygiene kits and medical supplies — in Colombia so they are available to reach those most in need in Venezuela as soon as possible.”

Maduro has rejected the US aid offers saying Venezuela is not a beggar.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo tweeted Venezuela and desperately need humanitarian aid and Maduro must let the aid reach the starving people.

Maduro has called the US aid convoy as political show.

Paul Linus