US aid for Venezuela being packed in Colombia; Maduro barricades border

The US aid for Venezuela is getting prepared in Colombian border city of Cucuta and Venezuela and President Nicolas Maduro vows to block it citing it to be fake and part of coup attempt in the country.

The aid including rice, flour, lentils, cooking oil, soap and toothbrushes arrived in Cucuta on Thursday and it is reported volunteers are packing the items into individual bags.

This is the first aid to arrive in the Latin America country suffering from political and economical crisis after request from opposition leader Juan Guaido who self-declared himself earlier as President of Venezuela.

Guaido has the support of US and several other Latin American countries. He alleges the second term of Madura is illegitimate as the election last year in May was not fair.

Meanwhile, Maduro is accusing Guaido and his supporters of staging a coup in Venezuela.

The Venezuelan military barricaded its side of Colombian-Venezuelan border on Wednesday and it is not clear how the aid will get through it amid such tightened border security.

Maduro has maintained saying no humanitarian crisis is taking place in Venezuela and the shortages of medicine and food are due to US sanctions targeting state-owned oil company.

Guaido lately sent a message to Venezuela military saying, “Dear military personnel, this aid is also for you… here comes food for your children, here comes medicine for the people who are suffering.”

Paul Linus