Second alleged sexual victim calls for resignation of Virginia Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax

Following allegation by Vanessa Tyson of sexual assault a second woman, Maredith Watson, too alleged of rape to Virginia lieutenant governor Justin Fairfax.

The Democrats had just called for his resignation last week, but Watson is demanding the African-American politician to step down.

On Friday the 39-year-old lost support from the Democratic members of the Virginia House of Delegates and state Senate. In a joint statement he is called to resign.

The statement read, “Due to the serious nature of these allegations, we believe Lieutenant Governor Fairfax can no longer fulfill his duties to the Commonwealth… He need to address this as a private citizen.”

Virginia Legislative Black Caucus wrote that it is believed by members Fairfax should resign in the best interest of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

In two separate statements Democratic US senators Tim Kaine and Mark Warner called Lt. Governor Fairfax to step down.

Sources said Virginia Democrat, US Rep. Bobby Scott, was approached by Vanessa Tyson about a year ago with the allegation.

Meanwhile, Scott tweeted the allegations need to be investigated and if found true, any one, Fairfax should resign.

Former Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe too called for the resignation of Lt. Governor saying the allegations are serious and credible.

Paul Linus