John McDonnell From Labour Party

John McDonnell is a politician from Labour Party and also Shadow Chancellor of Exchequer from 2015. He is the MP of Hayes & Harlington from a long time and also part of Labour Representation Committee. Jeremy Corbyn selected McDonnell as the Shadow Chancellor after he got selected as the Labour leader and he is also considered to be an important person in the left-wing party. McDonnell also tried to become the leader of Labour Party, but was not able to succeed as he failed to get sufficient nominations.

John McDonnell is also been involved into many controversies including his criticism about the Esther McVey from conservative party and even failed to apologize. He also expressed his wish to take out capitalism and change it with socialist society. McDonnell also said that he is ready to support the second referendum of EU in 2018, but also agreed with Barry Gardiner when he mentioned that it will cause social problems.