Meeting Yellow Vests Leader Is Disappointing Says France

The foreign ministry of France blamed Luigi Di Maio, the Deputy PM of Italy of disappointing them by meeting yellow vests movement leader. The leader of 5-Star party has disclosed that he met Christophe Chalencon as well as other candidates from the yellow vests movement. After the meet Di Maio had posted in his Facebook account saying that the meeting was beautiful. After this the spokesman from the foreign ministry of France said that this is really frustrating which is not right for both the countries and other EU members.

Di Maio also supported the movement openly and also asked them not to stop the agitation. The yellow vests movement that is known as gilets jaunes has been into anti-government protest across the nation. Di Maio also wants to meet the yellow vests leader again for a meeting in Rome and he thinks there are many things that are similar between the two groups.