Trump to hold rally at US-Mexico border city El Paso on Monday

President Trump will be holding his first rally of 2019 on Monday, February 11, in El Paso amid ongoing negotiations with congressional Democrats to secure $5.7 billion for the construction of US-Mexico border wall.

El Paso is close to the US-Mexico border in Texas and Trump said Tuesday night it has high rate of violent crime and is counted as one of the most dangerous cities in United States.

Referring to the proposed border wall he added, “Now, with a powerful barrier in place, El Paso is one of our safest cities.”

However, FBI data shows El Paso trends in violent crime and never as one of the most dangerous cities.

Murder rate in 2005 was 2.5 for every 100,000 residents while in 2010 it went up to 5.6.

Since announcing his presidential candidacy in 2015 Trump has conducted six rallies in Texas, but never before in El Paso.

Trump campaign’s chief operating officer Michael Glassner said, “As the President continues his fight to secure the border, there’s no better place to demonstrate that walls work than in El Paso.”

The city is hometown of former Rep. Beto O’Rourke (D-Texas), the Democratic Party’s 2018 Senate nominee in Texas and he is counted as a possible presidential contender in 2020.

Meanwhile, Democrats have maintained their stand to oppose a wall and not the fund for technology and other border security measures.

Paul Linus