BJP Raths To Collect Manifesto Details For Elections

Lok Sabha election will be held within few months in India and the countries ruling party has decided to start their campaign from Rajasthan. BJP have decided to run 25 raths which will be used for campaigning and to collect information from the general public. The information collected will be used to create the election manifesto for BJP that will be used during the campaigning process. The raths will be reaching to all the 25 constituencies and will feature a suggestion box.

The rath was flagged off by the minister Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore and he said that the public can write suggestions before dropping it into the boxes which will be used while designing BJP manifesto. At the end of the tour, Rajnath Singh will collect all the suggestions for further discussion with the party said Rathore. He also added we want everyone including the young and the old to give their own suggestions ahead of the polls.