Barham Salih Condemns Donald Trump For Military Presence

Barham Salih, the President of Iraq has commented about Donald Trump’s claim related to their military sources. The U.S. President said that he will leave the military to stay in Iraq for keeping an eye on their neighboring country Iran. Salih said that he doesn’t want Trump to create a drama in the country for his political benefits. Iraq doesn’t support U.S. in their fight against Iran and we have not authorized them to create a base in our country, he added.

Trump said in an interview that he wants to maintain America’s presence in Iraq as it is located in the perfect place to watch over Iran. While taking part in international forum at Baghdad Salih said the treaty signed by Baghdad with Pentagon is only to act against terrorism and not to interfere in any other issues of the country. There were also criticisms from other leaders in Iraq related to Trumps comments including the deputy speaker Hassan Karim al-Kaabi.