Shinjiro Koizumi, The Japanese Politician

Shinjiro Koizumi is a politician from Japan and he is also a member of Liberal Democratic Party. He started his political career after his father Junichiro Koizumi, 56th Prime Minister of Japan quit politics in 2008. Koizumi is considered to be the future Prime Minister and he is also very much popular among LDP lawmakers as well as general public of the country. He was selected to be the member of lower house and also worked as Junichiro Koizumi’s political secretary.

Shinjiro Koizumi was working as parliamentary secretary after 2011 tsunami where he was appointed to rebuild the devastated area. He was also expected to get a cabinet post in 2017 during the reshuffle of Shinzo Abe government. Koizumi has got an approval rating of about 75.6 percent when he started his work as parliamentary secretary after tsunami. In a poll that was conducted in 2017, he was the most popular candidate to become the leader of LDP.